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We advise our clients in the following legal matters:


Corporate & Company law
Capital markets
Commercial law
Contract law
Tax law
Pharmaceutical law

Private individuals

Personal-, Association- & Foundation law
Marriage & Concubinage law
Partnership law
Divorce law
Inheritance law
Property law

Civil & Criminal law

Civil law
Criminal law
Code of Obligations


It's the result that counts!

Services: Company & Foundation

Company & Foundation

Services: Capital markets

Capital markets

Services: Taxes & duties

Taxes & Duties

Services: Family & partnership

Family & Partnership

Services: Inheritance & Estate planning

Inheritance &
Estate planning

Services: Contracts


Services: Civil & criminal law

Civil & Criminal law

Services: Settlement


About Us

For more than 40 years we have successfully been serving our clients.

  • Takeover 1975


    Takeover of law firm by Dr. Urs Mühlebach

    Dr. Urs Mühlebach took over his fa­ther's law firm located in Brugg in 1975. At the same time he estab­lished the office at its current location in Lucerne.

  • Focus on Lucerne 2003


    Focus on Lucerne

    The main focus of the firm's activ­ities gradually shifted more and more to Central Switzer­land. The office located in Aargau was finally closed in mid 2000. Ev­er since we have been serving our clients from the main office in Lucerne. But of course, we also keep serving clients from all oth­er cantons and from abroad as well.

  • stock compa­ny 2013


    Transformation into a stock company

    The law firm, which had pre­vi­ously been estab­lished as a sole pro­pri­etor­ship, was transformed into a stock compa­ny, Mühlebach Advokatur AG, with ef­fect from Jan­uary 1, 2013. Of course we meet all le­gal de­mands which are required from us as a law firm. Fur­thermore, all lawyers working at Mühlebach Advokatur AG are independent, listed in the Swiss Reg­is­ter of Lawyers and meet the require­ments of the BGFA. The owner­ship of the shares of Mühlebach Advokatur AG also fulfills all of these require­ments.

  • Your

    Your matters

    will have our full attention.

    Do not hes­i­tate to con­tact us with your le­gal concerns. Please also note that in many cases dead­lines for applications or con­tra­dictions have to be observed. Con­tacting us at the earli­est pos­sible time en­sures the safe­guard­ing of your le­gal pos­sibilities.


All our lawyers at Mühlebach AG are listed in the Swiss Reg­is­ter of Lawyers and are ded­icated to support you in any of your le­gal mat­ters.

Dr. Urs Mühlebach - Rechtsanwalt

Dr. Urs Mühlebach

Dr. iur., lawyer

Civil law
Corporate & Company law
Capital markets
Contract law
Tax law

Adrian Döbeli - Rechtsanwalt

Adrian Döbeli

lic. iur., lawyer

Inheritance law
Property law
Contract law
Code of Obligations
Public and Private Building law

Sören Schwieterka - Rechtsanwalt

Sören Schwieterka

MLaw, lawyer

Civil law
Code of Obligations
Tax law
Criminal law

We co­op­erate with sev­eral no­taries, who can also be con­tacted for short-term no­tari­sa­tion, certification and no­tar­ial trans­actions. We also have good connections to trustee's offices, au­ditors and tax experts who can be consulted if needed.

Office Team

Our office will gladly as­sist you with initial inquiries and information regard­ing our ser­vices.

Fritz Siegrist - Buchhaltung, Administration

Fritz Siegrist

Jacqueline Kilian - Sekretariat, Kanzlei

Jacqueline Kilian

Secrerary's office


On a reg­ular basis we offer intern­ships for students, who wish to pass the Lucerne bar exam.

What we offer:

A chal­leng­ing activ­ity with­in a law firm; gain­ing versa­tile expe­ri­ence in le­gal advice and lit­igation, mainly in civ­il, commercial and admin­istrative law; di­rect con­tact with clients, counterparties, au­thor­ities and courts; modern infras­truc­ture and good working con­ditions.

What we expect:

A good le­gal degree (MLaw, lic. Iur., Dr. iur.), an inter­est in the field of con­tract and commercial law, an independent, re­liable and accurate way of working as well as flu­ency in German. Good En­glish skills are welcomed.


If you are inter­ested in applying for an intern­ship po­sition, please con­tact:

Adrian Döbeli


Mühlebach Advokatur AG

Falkengasse 3
Postfach 545
6002 Luzern

+41 41 410 34 03
+41 41 410 20 02


UID-Nummer (company number): CHE-469.286.400 MWST

By public transport / on foot

From the main train station you can ei­ther walk across the bridge (Seebrücke) or take the bus and get off at the first stop at "Schwa­nenplatz". At "Schwa­nenplatz" please turn into Grendelstrasse. Af­ter 100 me­tres turn into Falkengasse to your right. A few me­tres fur­ther down you will see "Haus zum Falken". The entrance is located on the left be­tween "Bally" and "Ca­chet".

By car

Dircect access to "Falkengasse" is lim­ited. There is no parking space avail­able. Please use the car parks at "Schwa­nenplatz" (Cred­it Su­isse) or at the Schweizerhof (Migros). From the car park at Schweizerhof (Migros) fol­low Hertenste­instrasse until you reach Falkengasse to your left. You will find the entrance to our office on the right side.

Our office is located on the fourth and fifth floor. Please take the el­evator on your left and exit at "4A".